Our First Year In Review

February 16th, 2017 by

This past January marked one year since McLaren Houston first opened its doors to the Bayou City. We have truly enjoyed being a part of the Houston community from track days, charity events, festivals, to auto shows and are looking forward to an even more exciting 2017.

We hosted our first event in June of 2015 – 6 months before our doors actually opened – where we unveiled the newest addition to the McLaren lineup at the time, the 570S.

570S 01 1800x1000
570S 02 1800x1000
570S 03 x1000
570S 04 1800x1000
570s 05 1800x1000
570S 06 1800x1000
570S 07 1800x1000


That following December we hosted our first track day at MSR Houston and invited guests out to the track to put the McLarens to the ultimate test.


001McLaren 1800x1200
018McLaren 1800x1000
019McLaren 1800x1200
020mclaren 1800x1200
024McLaren 1800x1200
027McLaren 1800x1200
030McLaren 1800x1200
033McLaren 1800x1200
034McLaren 1800x1200
035McLaren 1800x1200
058McLaren 1800x1200
072McLaren 1800x1200
085McLaren 1800x1200
155McLaren 1800x1200
166McLaren 1800x1200

Then, on January 15, 2016 we opened our doors and haven’t looked back.

It was a year full of adventure from Coffee & Cars, Keels & Wheels, the Houston Auto Show, HTX BikeFest, to our Toy drive partnered with the Scuderia Society this past December, and everything in-between. We are looking forward to 2017 and all that lies ahead.

Market Street 003 1800x1000
Market Street 009 1800x1000
CC 01 1800x1000
Houston Sign 1800x1000
Event 1 1800x1000
Event 2 1800x1000
FitExpo x1000
Ruben 1800x1000
Houston Life 1800x1000
car show 1800x1000
McLaren23 1800x1000
McLaren054 1800x1000
Track Day 1800x1000
McLaren44 1800x1000
McLaren12 1800x1000
mclaren063 1800x1000
mclaren45 1800x1000
Mclaren_Toy_Drive_2016-50 1800x1000
Mclaren_Toy_Drive_2016-17 1800x1000
Mclaren_Toy_Drive_2016-20 1800x1000
TEnnebaum SB 1800x1000
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